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Organic and Non-GMO forum begins Monday in St. Louis

Photo courtesy of the High Quest Group

A meeting looking at the future challenges of Non-GMO and the organic industry gets underway in St. Louis Monday and Tuesday.

Presenters at the Organic and Non-GMO forum will discuss a variety of issues. One, revolves around opportunities for producers, processors and food marketers.

Mark Cotter is with The Food Group, a food marketing company.

“I’ve spoken on the subject many times before as we’ve seen the industry change and evolve based on consumer demographics (along with) the entire supply change of the food industry and where it is going. When you look at growth areas, Non-GMO is a hot topic and organic continues to grow,” Cotter says.

He says consumers are becoming more educated and inquisitive about their food.

“Each generation has learned more and more. The younger generations are moving to that because this is their new norm. It is what they look for when looking to eat because they know they have those options if they seek hard enough.” Cotter says.

The Organic & Non-GMO Forum: Oilseeds & Grains at the Crossroads brings together handlers, buyers and processors to address current and future challenges to meet growing demand for organic and non-GMO products.