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Optimize yield potential not weed buildup

Photo Courtesy of the Monsanto Company

An Iowa seeds salesman shares how farmers can optimize their yield potential through seed selection and technology throughout the 2018 growing season.

Bill Burtnett serves as area business manager for Kruger Seeds. Burtnett talks to growers about Monsanto’s Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System performance throughout the previous growing season at the Iowa Power Farming Show.

“Xtend performed extremely well,” Burtnett said. “In the Kruger line-up, about 20% in our volume for 2018 is in the Xtend system. We have a diverse line-up. The performance based off plot trials last year, including the first trials, were outstanding. Our best products, best genetics are in the Xtend soybean line-up right now.”

The Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System offers growers weed control. Burtnett says the system provides growers a return on their investment through flexibility.

“The nice thing about is you have some flexibility,” Burtnett said. “If you do not want to use Dicamba on them, you don’t have too. You can use your current herbicide program. If you have some tough to control weeds like water hemp and/or marestail, Dicamba is a great product. If you’re a ‘no-tiller,’ the Xtend program is great on the burndown side.”

Kruger Seeds customers can also increase their return on investment with Climate Fieldview. Burtnett says the application allows growers to analyze data on a field-by-field basis.

“When you look at your yield performance in a certain hybrid by a certain soil type, you can see a lot of things that you can’t see with a naked eye or yield monitor. It’s hands on. You can get granular with that product. The ROI on Climate comes down to what you can see that you can’t see with a naked eye,” Burtnett said.

Climate Fieldview offers additional applications which incorporate nitrogen management, precision planting and scripting.