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On the Western Leg, soybeans look good but corn disappoints

by Ben Nuelle

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Pro Farmer released Iowa and Minnesota crop results in Rochester, Minnesota Thursday night. Iowa soybeans came in at 1,224 in a 3×3 square pod count and Minnesota at 1,107.Chip Flory with Pro Farmer looks back at soybeans he saw over the last four days.

“I don’t know if it is a great crop, but it is a good crop. We need to take a comprehensive look at all the numbers before we decide if it is going to be that 48.9 that USDA predicted as of August 1. Based on my preliminary look at it, sure it could be that.”

Iowa corn yields came in at 188 bushels per acre with Minnesota at 182. Flory says the corn he saw across all South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota was a disappointment. “Nebraska was supposed to be 187. I don’t think it is going to be a 187. I don’t think it’s going to beat last years crop at 184. It really surprised me. I had heard stories, farmers had been warning me that it was not as good as USDA says. You hear that and you think okay well i am going to reserve judgement til I look at it myself.”

He says they did. “We went out and pulled a bunch of samples out of Nebraska and it is not as good as it was last year. I honestly believe that.”