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Oklahoma May Get Trump Cabinet Posts

by Ken Root

There is more speculation on who may wind up as head of the Environmental Protection Agency and as Secretary of Interior. Both jobs have an Official from Oklahoma on the short list.

Governor Mary Fallin, a second term Republican, has met with President-Elect Trump and is rumored to be a candidate for Secretary of the Interior.  She seems to be in trouble for taking a state airplane and having expense paid by the state for her to meet with Trump in New York City.  She indicated her half hour meeting with Trump ranged from energy independence to the impact of federal rules on the energy industry. Oklahoma is a significant oil producing state but has had many earthquakes blamed on fracking.

Sources in Oklahoma say many in the state would be glad to see Fallin go as she has fallen out of favor with those who expected better fiscal policy from her.  “We’d really like to see the current Lt. Governor get a chance to head the state and be ready to run for a full term as an incumbent,” according to an agricultural source.

The most interesting candidate for Trump’s team is Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, who is being considered to head up the Environmental Protection Agency.  Pruitt is said to be a dynamic hard liner and would stand the agency on its head.  Trump carried every county in Oklahoma and may dip into the region to move his agenda forward.