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Ohio legislation on the move

By Ellen Essman, Ohio Law Blog, Agricultural & Resource Law Program at The Ohio State University

The year is still fairly new, and 2020 has brought with it some newly-introduced legislation in the Ohio General Assembly. That being said, in 2020 the General Assembly also continues to consider legislation first introduced in 2019. From tax exemptions to CAUV changes, to watershed programs and local referendums on wind turbines, here is some notable ag-related legislation making its way through the state house.

House Bill 400 “To authorize a nonrefundable income tax credit for the retail sale of high-ethanol blend motor fuel.�

HB 400 was introduced after our last legislative update in November, so while it was first introduced in 2019, it still technically qualifies as “newâ€� to us. Since its introduction, the bill has been discussed in two hearings in the House Ways & Means Committee. The bill would give owners and operators of gas stations a tax rebate of five cents per gallon for sales of ethanol.… Continue reading