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Ocean freight expands opportunities for soybeans

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For flatlanders considering lakes an oddity, placing yourself in a port facility on the edge of the Pacific Ocean is almost overwhelming.

The size of seagoing vessels is unbelievable. The norm for shipping today is larger than luxury liners of the past century, and the cost of ocean freight has dropped as much as any general commodity over the same period.  Almost anything can be taken from point of origin and shipped 10,000 miles in less than a month.

Today, an Iowan shares how dependable ocean transport can benefit farmers. Karey Claghorn is a well-known figure in Iowa agriculture.

Claghorn served as Deputy Secretary of Agriculture before becoming Chief Operating Officer of the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA). She was on board a harbour tour boat during Commodity Classic 2018 earlier this month.

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