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Nutrition programs available to schools during pandemic

Photo Courtesy of McLane Global

Right now, in my school district, there are several spots where parents can go and get meals for their children during this time of crisis. My family has been fortunate enough that this is an option of which we do not need to take advantage.  However, I also know that our family is an exception to what is becoming a new norm during this pandemic. There are people out of work and children who depend on the school lunch program for nutritional needs. Many schools are taking advantage, but there are more schools in rural areas that are missing out on a great opportunity. This is putting some children’s needs in jeopardy.

Melissa Hunter is Director of Marketing for McLane Global. She tells us about the Emergency Meals-To-You Partnership. Partners in this venture include the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and PepsiCo.

It is a very simple program for schools to get involved with and can make a real difference.

The kits include foods like milk, cereal bowls, snacks, and much more.

None of this is possible if a school does not sign up for the programs.

Information is available at MealsToYou.org.