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Nutrien’s comprehensive online portal simplifies data for farmers

Photo Courtesy of Nutrien

How many of you remember the file cabinets or file boxes? They were all over the house, and somebody was always digging through them to find some scrap of scribbled paper or a form to help get us through whatever time it was in the growing year. As technology has changed, all this information has become available to us at our fingertips, no matter where we are. However, the need for simplifying all this data remains the same. Nutrien has a new user portal to help do just that.

Audio: Full interview with Nutrien’s Sol Goldfarb

Sol Goldfarb leads the digital team for Nutrien Ag Solutions. Last year, they launched their customer portal. It started out as a place to manage bills and invoices. Now, it has grown to include other options such as weather reports and purchasing inputs online.

Goldfarb says it is about creating a simple to use platform for their customers. Having solid data isn’t good enough, it needs to be easy to access and understand.

Goldfarb says they are still looking to the future capabilities of this portal. Some suggestions they have gotten are quite ambitious, but some are going to be practical to implement and coming very soon.

The portal is free of charge to use. It has comprehensive security, so you decide who gets to see your data and when. It also interfaces with multiple proprietary software packages found in your tractors. For more information, go to the Nutrien website.