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Nutrien Premium Technologies celebrates new and old product offerings

Photo courtesy of Nutrien

Nutrien Premium Technologies looks forward to celebrating its newer and older product offerings in the new year.

Nutrien Premium Technologies recently launched Smart Nutrition MAP+MST. Doug Sibbett, marketing representative for Nutrien Premium Technologies, says the new product delivers sulfur in another way.

“Farmers now have to find sulfur, which was becoming the limiting factor for maximizing yields,” Sibbett says. “What we’ve done is taken MAP, injected elemental sulfur into each granule and micronized it. That’s what MST stands for: Micronized Sulfur Technology.”

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST offers growers flexibility in application timing. Sibbitt adds, “Since it’s in elemental form, a farmer could get all of his sulfur applied in the fall.”

“That granule, as it’s starting to break down in the soil, these soil microbes attack the sulfur and oxidize it. It has to be oxidized to come into a sulfate form that’s available to the plant,” Sibbitt says. “When we’re looking at MST, we’re able to do that throughout the season and can also apply it in the fall.”

Nutrien Premium Fertilizer Technologies will soon celebrate its ESN, Environmentally Smart Nitrogen, which it has proudly offered for 20 years It’s “another tool in the toolbox,” says Sibbett.

“It’s a polymer coating around urea. To me, it’s insurance at it as insurance for a farmer’s nitrogen investment. One thing I always say is, ‘It helps maximize crop yields sand minimize loss to the environment,'” Sibbett says.

ESN will protect one’s nitrogen investment for 50- to 80-days, and can be applied over-the-top or in-furrow.