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Northwest Iowa crop update

Polk County, Iowa soybean & cornfields with trees on fenceline. (Photo by Dustin Hoffmann)

We all know that Iowa is known for the bipolar weather and how it differs from town to town. So as the growing season for corn and soybeans is really kicking off for the state of Iowa, we are starting to see a difference in conditions from not only county to county, but from region to region as well.

I got the chance to talk to Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Field Agronomist for Region 1, Joel Dejong about how the corn and soybeans are looking in the Northwest corner of the state. He notes how the dry weather has been a blessing for getting the crops in timely but hindering the growth and nutrients of the crops.

As some of us across the state have gotten the perfect amount of rain to too much rain, Dejong mentions how they have gotten quite the opposite. He talks about how the lack of rain is already starting to take a toll on the crops, especially in the afternoons when the heat is at its worst.

Dejong touches on a few pest and insect problems that his corner of the state is seeing so far. He mentions that although the pests and insects aren’t benefiting the crops, farmers are most worried about that precipitation or the lack thereof.

Dejong finishes up talking about some positives that the Northwest corner of the state is seeing so far and what they have to look forward to. But even though there are some positives, the negatives are really outweighing them. Especially in the precipitation field.

For more information visit your local Iowa State University Extension website.