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Northey: More and more farmers are participating in water quality practices

Over the weekend, Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey shared his thoughts about the recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling in the Des Moines Water Works lawsuit.

Secretary Northey addressed the lawsuit and many other issues at the KIIC Cow-Calf Conference in Ottumwa Saturday.

According to the Iowa Supreme Court ruling, drainage districts will not have to pay damages in the lawsuit. He says the court’s ruling was good for agriculture.

“It clears up one of those potential vulnerabilities. There are still federal issues that need to come in front of the court but I think there were a lot of farmers concerned the potential liability for drainage districts that could come if the court said the court said that could be heard which would be a real difference in precedent.”

During a press conference Friday afternoon, CEO of Des Moines Water Works Bill Stowe trashed the Nutrient Reduction Strategy saying it doesn’t work.

Northey says farmers are doing the best they can.

“I’m really proud of what folks are doing and we have more to do. We see increased engagement by folks across the state and the alternative are several. Either, not to do anything which our folks are not doing, they are jumping into this. [Another alternative is] or to have a regulatory process defined by the courts but that means you have to have someone chasing around telling people what to do and make sure people are doing it.”

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey on DMWW lawsuit