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Northey hopes Iowa cattle producers benefit from U.S. beef to China

Photo by Ben Nuelle

The Trump Administration hopes to have U.S. beef in China no later than July 16th.

Officials announced following one more round of technical consultations between the United States and China, China plans to allow imports of U.S. beef. Cattle groups praised the proposal.

“When you look at the overall population in China, it represents one fifth the world’s population. With a middle-class that is bigger than the entire U.S. population, these people want meat and we want beef to be part of those options,” Director of International Trade at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Kent Baucus said.

Baucus added considering the buying power China represents, this could be a significant development for U.S. beef sales and that’s exactly what we need.

This proposal is on conditions consistent with international food safety and animal health standards. It’s also consistent with the 1999 Agricultural Cooperation Agreement.

The Chinese market has been closed to U.S. beef for 13 years due to concerns stemming from a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy occurring in Washington state in December 2003.

“I think it could offer real opportunity as you expand the market to be able to see some price increases in some of the beef products and in some of the actual carcass values for beef here. I hope it will add some profitability for Iowa producers certainly on the beef cattle side, but on the cow-calf side as well,” Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said.

United States Meat Export Federation and its members say they greatly appreciate the efforts of the Trump administration. They also thank officials at USDA and USTR that made Friday’s announcement possible.