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Northern Iowa crops coming back from last week’s frost

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

As we sit here today, ready to get into the low 90’s for the next week or so, it is hard to fathom that farmers in northern Iowa woke up to frost damaged a week ago. Freezing temps also stunted crops in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin. These are all places that will now see above-normal temps for the next 6-10 days.

What are we seeing in Northern Iowa a week later? Champion Seeds Agronomist Brandon Hulme tells us what he sees in that part of that state, what farmers should do, look for, or hold off doing for the next week or so. Hulme gives us an estimation of what he saw. While he saw many plants that will be ok, fields that had a lot of leftover residue on the ground saw more damage.

The one blessing is that Hulme says there is only a small percentage of replanting needed. They are not seeing any whole field replants coming.

Hulme says these 90-degree temps are just what the doctor ordered to get corn and soybean plants back on track.

Hulme says that until the plants get their strength back, that farmers should hold off on herbicide applications. Anything that can stress these young plants is going to be detrimental to their recovery. Some farmers may be able to get by on their side-dressing plans, but even then it could hurt frost-damaged plants.

When it comes to yield, the big question is whether replanting will be a benefit to getting better yields over letting those damaged plants recover.

Our full interview with Brandon Hulme will be aired on the week’s edition of Weekend Ag Matters.