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No mention of renewable energy in President Trump’s energy plan

by Ben Nuelle 

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President Donald Trump has been on the move making major changes the past few days. One is releasing his “America First Energy Plan.” But nowhere in the plan does it mention renewable fuels.

Trump plans to get rid of the Clean Power Plan that is designed to limit carbon emissions at power plants for the first time. It also talks about helping the shale and gas industry. But no mention of renewable energy. Throughout his campaign, Trump expressed a need for renewable fuels.

Senator Joni Ernst says she’s still confident Trump will uphold the RFS.

“I know now, after I have gone through the confirmation hearing for Scott Pruitt [nominee for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator] and also visited with Rick Perry who is the nominee to be the department of energy secretary, both of them expressed their support for the RFS and made it very clear that when Trump was bring them on board, he made it very clear to them the RFS was a priority.”

The plan did however mention eliminating the Waters of the U.S. rule.  This is something Ernst has worked very hard on throughout her time in office. She feels good about it going away under the Trump Administration.

“This is something I am very passionate about because of the blatant government overreach and the concerns our farmers and ranchers are expressing to me,” Ernst says.

Ernst is hopeful the White House will vacate WOTUS but says congress also needs to continue to push back against the rule as well.