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No downtime for the Iowa Farmer’s Union

Photo courtesy of Iowa Farmers Union

Winter is traditionally the downtime for agriculture. Sure, plans are being made for the next growing season. However, machinery is generally parked, and nobody is in the fields. The Iowa Farmer’s Union (IFU) is taking this opportunity to advocate for the industry.

IFU is going to be taking advantage of the legislative session and spending a day to educate and advocate for Iowa farmers. IFU’s Deborah Bunka tells about their upcoming event in February.

Bunka says it isn’t just about rallying with legislators who are fluent with Ag. They especially need to get the message to lawmakers who will be making decisions which affect agriculture and have no Ag experience.

Bunka reminds us, events like these are part of Farmer’s Union core principals.

The event will be coming up on February 19th.