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No Corn for Cruz

Source: Wikipedia

by Ben Nuelle

It’s caucus day Monday and still no support from Iowa Corn or Renewable Fuels for Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz.

Friday, Iowa Corn Growers Association President Bob Hemesath held a press conference on RFS and ethanol encouraging caucus goers to vote on the side of the industry.

Hemesath says they are not endorsing any particular candidate but want one who supports RFS. All candidates on both sides except for Ted Cruz and Rand Paul support RFS.

“If he [Ted Cruz] were to win Iowa and the presidency it could be devastating to the ethanol industry because of him wanting to phase out the RFS,” Hemesath says.

In Thursday night’s Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News, Cruz said he wants a phase out for all mandates not just ethanol.

“It’s not true. I have introduced legislation that would phase out the ethanol mandate over five years but that means no mandates for anyone. And I would note there is much more important regulation to ethanol and that’s the EPA’s blend wall,” Cruz said.

For more information on how to caucus tonight visit iowademocrats.org or iowagop.org.