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NMPF: FDA proposal highlights need for Dairy PRIDE Act

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For years now the Dairy industry has been pushing for standards about labeling dairy products versus products that offer plant-based dairy alternatives. The market has been using the term “milk” for drinks made from food items like soy, almonds, oats, and cashews. The Dairy industry has said that this is misleading and is once again continuing the push for these terms to be properly applied after the FDA has made a new proposal to address the issues.

Alan Bjerga is Senior Vice President of Communications for the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF). He says that after years of the FDA letting these “nut beverages” go unchecked, this proposal is a good first step.

Bjerga says this highlights the need to get the Dairy PRIDE Act passed.

He adds that this is about clarifying that just because you call something “milk”, doesn’t mean you will get the same nutritional properties.

The commenting period is open. NMPF is encouraging dairy producers and all farmers to help drive the point home.

There is more at NMPF.org.