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Nitrogen Management for 2017 Starts Now

by Ken Root & Whitney Flach

Listen Here: Profit Matters 10-11-16

Harvest is almost half done across the country. Iowa numbers should come out in the 40% plus category for the week ended on Sunday. With fields harvested by mid October, farmers are looking at fall nitrogen application for the 2017 crop.

Tim Berkland, Growmark’s Regional Sales Agronomist for Iowa, asks farmers to stop for a minute and consider how to keep nutrients in place and get the maximum uptake by the growing crops next spring.  He also asks farmers to consider issues around water quality and economics.

“We are really focused on managing nitrogen for the 2017 crops. We are looking at this year and what we learned, trying to adjust things, and just get more efficient with it going into next year, Berkland said.”

Berkland shared recommendations of controlling nitrogen. “A lot of the things we are recommending is utilizing nitrogen stabilizers. It’s important to keep that nitrogen where we want it.”

Berkland also addressed data management and a new service offered by Climate Corporation. (Tim Berkland Full Interview)