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New York and Iowa share similar challenges for Agriculture

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: world-of-agriculture-9-29-16

Growers and producers face many challenges every day. But most will agree the weather is number one. Take the flooding in eastern Iowa for example but drive about 1,000 miles east where farmers are suffering from a major drought in one state.

Richard Ball is New York’s Ag Commissioner for the state’s department of Agriculture.

I spoke with Ball recently at the annual NASDA meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“We’ve had some really good years in agriculture and had some tough years but this one is a tough one. We’re looking at a pretty significant drought situation for a big part of our state which sobers everybody but. We’ve had half of our counties are designated disaster areas due to the drought,” Ball says.

Ball says New York dairy farmers have also taken a major blow.

“New York is a big dairy state. Milk is very important to us because it is our single biggest industry in agriculture so that is a concern as we go forward. We’ll be participating in the Tri-National Accord coming up in October.”

Balls says even with the lagging farm economy there is still optimism in New York.