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New year, new product

Photo Courtesy of AMVAC Chemical Corporation

AUDIO: Jim Lappin, AMVAC Chemical Corporation

In 2018, multiple companies will unveil several new products. AMVAC Chemical Corporation plans to add four new solutions to their product line, one which will help deter corn rootworm beetles.

Jim Lappin serves as crop marketing manager for AMVAC Chemical Corporation. Lappin says AMVAC Chemical will offer growers a liquid, at-plant insecticide called INDEX™ in 2018.

“It’s a two mode of action, liquid insecticide,” Lappin said. “It contains an organophosphate (OP) insecticide and pyrethroid insecticide. It brings broad-spectrum control of all species of corn rootworm, as well as seed attacking pests. (It’s) granular-like in performance, but in the convenience of a liquid, ready-to-apply solution.”

Lappin says INDEX™ could provide relief to Iowa growers, who have seen an increase in corn rootworm beetles.

“We cooperated with Iowa State University, Iowa Soybean Association to go out, trap and monitor adult rootworm beetles. We saw in 2016 and 2017 the number of beetles rise each year. That doesn’t always mean there’s going to be heavy pressure next year, but it’s an early indicator that there may be pressure the following season,” Lappin said.

Lappin says AMVAC Chemical partners with universities for two reasons.

“On two fronts, we’re looking and monitoring for adults and then we’re doing trials, using our products on top of treated hybrids, to see if we are seeing an overall incremental benefit from the addition of our product,” Lappin said.

AMVAC Chemical products offer a nine bushel advantage, according to ten years of studies.