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New Website for Iowa Farmland

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A new online website is helping farmers, owners, an investors figure out the value of Iowa farmland. Some are calling it the Zillow of agricultural land.

The websites name is Terva, created by Steven Brockshus, an Iowa State University senior, after he began thinking about land values.

Terva, is an online marketplace that connects farmers with the right farmland at the right time. By aggregating farmland real estate data. Terva provides an simple, map-based web interface where all this information is available with the click of a button.

Terva helps farmers discover land that’s for sale through geographic-specific notifications. These notifications help farmers stay up to date on land activity that’s happening in their alert zone.

Terva provides free online farmland sale listings for farmland brokers. Other broker tools include downloadable reports for soil surveys, landowner information, and recent farmland sales.


“We want to create an online marketplace for farmers, so they can get a fair value when they sell or rent their land,” said 23 year old Brockshus, who graduates this May.

For more information on Terva visit http://terva.ag/