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New tool available to combat rural drug addiction

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Drug addiction knows no boundaries, economic differences, or social statuses. It is a terrible situation that is spreading throughout the country and especially in the rural parts of the United States. A difficult agriculture climate has many turning to whatever options they can find to get them by. Unfortunately, the options people are turning to are dangerous, deadly, and a terrible psychological and financial burden on their families.

On Friday, the Trump Administration released a new tool for rural community leaders to identify drug problems in their areas and build a cohesive response plan. It is called the Rural Community Action Guide. Anne Hazlett is the Senior Adviser for Rural Affairs in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. She tells us more about this tool which was developed with the help of the American Farm Bureau Federation and the National Farmers Union.

One thing this guide addresses is the glaring lack of adequate healthcare in many rural communities.

Research is showing the growing drug problem in the rural United States.

There will be roundtable events being planned in states that are severely impacted by rural drug problems. They will kick off in Missouri on February 19th. The resources are available to rural leaders at www.usda.gov/topics/opioids