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New seed treatment fights soybean cyst nematode

AUDIO: Dair McDuffee, seed treatment and research for Valent

A company hopes their new seed treatment for soybean cyst nematodes will help rid the pests. Dair McDuffee works for Valent, crop protection company.

“EvoEZ is our new our brand-new seed treatment nematicide that pairs well with our INTEGO SUITE soybeans package,” McDuffee says. “We are able to provide complete solution to the farmer.”

This includes fungicides, insecticides, and nematicides and McDuffee says it takes care of many problems in early-season soybeans. He says if soybean cyst nematodes aren’t on growers’ radars, they should be.

“Iowa State released a list of resistant varieties of soybean. Ninety-seven percent of them have the same source of genetic resistance. What we are able to do with our product is provide a second mode of action,” McDuffee says.

McDuffee attended the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention earlier this month.