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New rootworm tool assists farmers with 2021 hybrid selection

Photo by Ben Nuelle

“Corn rootworm is never going away,” says Mitch Heisler, product marketing manager for Wyffels Hybrids. The independent, U.S. farm family-owned seed company this year reinforced its industry-leading position in corn rootworm monitoring.

Wyffels Hybrids monitored nearly 900 corn and soybean fields this year for northern and western rootworm beetle activity. Heisler says data collected will assist farmers in making hybrid choices and management decisions for next year’s corn crop.

“On our website, under the ‘Agronomy’ section, you’ll see the Corn Rootworm Monitoring tool. It dots all of the fields we’re monitoring on a map, (and) they’re color-coded by pressure found in that field. That is updated live throughout the year,” Heisler says. “Right now you can see results from this past year, zoom in on the map to your local area, and see what the results are.”

Wyffels Hybrids also provides a summary of results, as well as management recommendations based on location. Additionally, Wyffels Hybrids offers corn hybrids, designed to aid in the fight against corn rootworm.

“We have an outstanding lineup of SmartStax products that provide two modes of action for corn rootworm below ground, to go on those corn-on-corn acres. You’re protecting yourself from that risk, but not giving up yield potential,” Heisler says. “A few that I’d mention: 7878 is an outstanding SmartStax product on a 114-day, 6978 is an outstanding new 111-day that we’re excited about, and 4198 is a product that we’ve had for a few years.”

Wyffels Hybrids feels its important to provide growers options, as well as make sure producers have enough information to make the best decisions for their farms, according to Heisler.