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New Options for Pre-Plant Weed Control

Hoosier Ag Today by: Gary Truitt

New Options for Pre-Plant Weed Control

resicoreMarch will likely go out like a lamb with warmer, above normal temperatures in the forecast for the end of the month. That, of course, will spur fieldwork. For many Indiana growers, that will mean a pre-plant weed control program. Luke Peters, with Dow Agro Sciences, says pre-plant is an especially good time to start controlling those resistant weeds. He recommends choosing a pre-plant herbicide with a wide window of application, like Resicore, “The application window is very wide, from 28 days before planting up to 11 inch tall corn.” Last year, late rains interrupted many post-emerge weed control programs in Indiana.

Peters says good early spring weather is a good time to get a start on your weed control program, “The old adage is the best time to control a weed is before it comes out of the ground.” Of course, mixing those modes of action is your best defense against resistant weeds. Resicore has three modes of action that do not include glyphosate, so it can be mixed with Roundup.

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