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New Movie has Agricultural Interest

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There is a new movie out called The Dog Lover. The movie has ramifications on livestock production in the United States. Previously there has been some undercover video that revealed mistreatment of hogs, chickens, and dairy cows that were released by Animal Rights groups. Their goal has been to try to stop farmers from raising meat animals.

This film depicts what can go wrong when someone has intentions to find bad practices by responsible animal care takers. It brings a different view on animal activism. Taking the undercover approach of seeking out animal abuse at a dog breeding facility in South Dakota.

Ali Afshar, producer and star of The Dog Lover explains that the film is based on a true story about what happened to a dog breeder. Afshar says that the movie aims to shed light on the many American ways of life that are portrayed negatively, including farming and ranching. “The whole idea behind this movie is to de-villainize a lot of the American way of life that has been villainized. Ranchers are one of the most loving people I know towards animals. People who love the environment the most, are farmers. I think the media has painted a picture that farmers are poisoning the ground. Yes, there are bad apples, but that is not the norm,” Afshar says.

The goal of the film is to get people to investigate before they donate. More can be learned about the film online at www.thedoglovermovie.com. The movie is already out in many cities, Wal Mart has it today, July 12 on DVD.