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New motor oil made from soybeans hits the market

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We are all familiar with biofuels and the uses of our crop products in that arena. Soybeans have been making reliable biodiesel products for many years. Now, we are seeing another use for the grain emerge in the auto industry, as soy-based motor oils hit the market last Thursday.

Audio: Full Interview with United Soybean Board Director Mike Korth

Mike Korth is a director for the United Soybean Board (USB) and he tells us about the new automotive lubricant product and how it came about. The USB partnered with Biosynthetic technologies to get the product out.

The Department of Defense has been on board with the product and helped test it, along with taxi cabs in Las Vegas. Korth said the results were better than they could ever have hoped for.

Korth says the benefits of the oil seem to be less buildup which leads to better fuel efficiency and longer engine life. He says farmers should be proud of this achievement.

Right now, the product is available in two weights: 5w-20 and 5w-30. However, there is already work being done to get more weights available.  You can purchase the oil only online at this time. There is a 20% savings if you use the code “BioTrialFarm.” The hope is to have it start showing up on store shelves soon.