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New in-cab technology monitors tillage performance

Photo courtesy of Case IH

Another farm implement has earned its Advanced Farming System (AFS) badge at Case IH.

We discuss what this emblem means and how it will help farmers advance, below.

AUDIO: Allen Forbes, Case IH

AFS Connect™, the advanced farm management system from Case IH, provides farmers with real-time dashboard access to equipment on any device. Case IH recommends growers connect their equipment with AFS technology to “increase productivity and efficiency year-round.” The latest farm implements to receive AFS recognition are tillage tools.

Allen Forbes, global product manager of tillage for Case IH, talks about the benefits of combining technology with tillage.

“Up until now, nobody has put a monitor in the tractor cab, telling you how good of a job you’re doing with tillage,” Forbes said. “One of the key, new introductions in this AFS Soil Command suite of products is seedbed quality monitoring on a field cultivator. With a field cultivator, you want it to be running nice and level. Every sweep is running below the surface in a very level way. For most people, it is kind of what’s on the surface. At Case IH, we like to go below the surface to see what that planter row unit is riding on.”

Operation of tillage equipment can impact planting success. Forbes talks about AFS Soil Command and the real-time feedback it provides to growers.

“For example, if you’re going a little too fast, the shank will start to yield. The soil and the draft of the soil will pull it back, and the nose can go down and create a groove in the soil. You don’t see it on the surface, but when you sweep back and look below, you see a rumble strip underneath for your planter row unit to ride on. If your planter row unit is riding and bouncing, it’s going to lead to seed spacing placement issues,” Forbes said. “Up until now, you wouldn’t even know you’re having an issue.”

AFS Soil Command provides farmers an opportunity to adjust tillage equipment or “slow down” before it is too late. For more information about AFS Soil Command, visit www.caseih.com.