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New GSI grain management system on display at Commodity Classic

Pictured: GSI's Greg Trame at Commodity Classic 2022. (Photo by Brent Barnett)

GSI’s technological advancements in grain management were recently on display at Commodity Classic.

New from GSI, GrainVue utilizes the latest cable technology to monitor temperature and moisture to help farmers detect early signs of spoilage. Greg Trame, director of technology sales for GSI’s grain business in North America, tells IARN that GrainVue also features automated fans and alerts, giving growers peace of mind 24/7.

“It consists of temperature and moisture cables that go inside of your bin, allowing you to monitor the temperature and moisture of that stored crop. We take that information and send it up to the cloud so that you can get it on any of your connected devices – iPhone, tablet, or your computer – and that allows you to monitor what’s going on with the conditions of that grain inside the bin so that you can make the right decisions for safe storage as well as the potential of do I need to aerate to make that through, and then really give you the opportunity to keep that grain in storage as long as you need to – maybe even through the warmer months – to meet your marketing plan.”

Trame says the user-friendly customer portal makes it easy to understand condition, operate fans and see approximate inventory from anywhere.

“With the product you have the opportunity to manage those corn or soybeans while they are in storage. Also it gives you opportunity if you get that situation where your beans get a little too dry in the fall and you’ve got them in the bin, you can also use the system to try to rehydrate, get some moisture back into that product, and do it in an automate fashion where it’s safe and efficient to do so.”

Trame says GSI is just now starting its production launch with GrainVue and it’s currently available to farmers. To find a dealer, visit GSI’s website.