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New grain bin technology reduces drying costs

Left to Right: Eric Harweger, Co-Founder, CTO and Dillon Hurd, Co-Founder, CEO. Photo courtesy of ISU Startup Factory

One challenge growers faced this year was propane shortages. 

A new grain drying system, out of Iowa State University’s Startup Factory, looks to minimize post-harvest management challenges by reducing energy use.

Haber Technologies Inc. recently launched its grain drying and aeration system called the Direct Routing Intelligence Stack,or  DRI-Stack™. The system expedites grain drying and improves grain quality by reducing propane dependency. 

Photo courtesy of ISU Startup Factory

Joel Lange, of Greene County, utilized DRI-Stack™ this fall. He goes over the logistics of the new grain drying and aeration system. 

“The grain bin has tubes going through the center and around the edges. It blows air through that. So instead of allowing the floor of the bin aerate the grain, you’re taking it to different levels in the bin to get air through layers of grain. That way, it can dry more quickly,” Lange said. 

This structure also creates efficienies and savings for producers.

“First off, I don’t need to have a dryer for this bin. It eliminates that cost and expense, and the propane cost as well. I can load the bin, turn the fans on, let the system work and then come back once it’s dried out,” Lange said.

Weather-related challenges extended plant and harvest dates, which then impacted grain drying. However, the DRI-Stack™ system was up to the challenge, according to Lange.

“Everyone planted a little later than normal. We didn’t have a lot of GDUs, so it drug out harvest,” Lange said. “That also played into how well we could dry grain with the system. In this situation, we put grain in at 20-percent and it was at 15.5-percent in eight days. It’s pretty quick for just a fan.”