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NEW for 2020: Bayer PLUS Rewards

Photo courtesy of Bayer Crop Science

Managing variables, such as disease and pests, can prove challenging. 

Farmers use crop inputs as a way to control these factors. One agriculture corporation wants to reward producers for using multiple crop protection products to overcome the toughest on-farm challenges.

Bayer PLUS Rewards incentivizes farmers for purchasing seed, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, Roundup/XtendiMax, and agronomic add-ons. The new program replaces Roundup Ready Rewards, says Matt Nelson, technical agronomist with Channel Seed.

“The program is simple. If you apply three Bayer products, that comes out to a three-dollar per acre rebate. As you add a fourth product, that goes up to four-dollars and on up the line to five products. Then if you use the Roundup/XtendiMax herbicide and a residual herbicide, like Warrant, you would then get a four-dollar per acre rebate – Two-dollars for Roundup and two-dollars for XtendiMax,” Nelson said.

Valent U.S.A. will serve as the exclusive PPO preemergence herbicide provider for the Bayer PLUS Rewards program. Travis Ralfs, eastern Iowa territory manager for Valent, sees Bayer PLUS Rewards as a great opportunity to deliver exceptional weed control to gowers.

“By going to MyBayerPlus.com and signing up, growers are going to have the opportunity to 19-dollars per acre for herbicide purchases. That could also apply to Dekalb corn or Asgrow soybean purchases. It’s a good program. We’re promoting high rates that are going to be effective for weed control on a growers farm,” Ralfs said.