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New Ag Secretary and President Trump embrace renewable fuels

Agribusiness Matters 4-26-17

Iowa Renewable Fuel Advocates are in Washington, D.C. this week to campaign for more use of biofuels and more exports of ethanol.

At the same time the DC Circuit Court heard arguments on why EPA had reduced the RFS.

Iowa is the nation’s largest ethanol producing state so utilization of corn for ethanol impacts the price of corn here and across the country. Five Billion bushels of this year’s sixteen billion bushel crop will go through ethanol plants.

Monte Shaw says there is plenty of corn for all uses.

“We’ve got the corn to do it,” Shaw said.

Shaw watched Sonny Purdue step into the role of USDA Secretary and believes he will be an advocate.

“Unlike some members of the Trump’s cabinet that had long track records of opposing renewable fuels and renewable fuels standard, Purdue did not. He has said he understands there is a lot of corn out there and we’ve got to find a home for it,” Shawn explained. “He does not want to be a Secretary of Agriculture when there is another farm crisis, and so I think we are going to have an ally at the USDA.”

A lawsuit was filed against the EPA after it released RFS Renewable Volume Obligations for 2014, 2015, and 2016 in one announcement.

According to Agri-Pulse, The three judge panel of the US Court of Appeals in DC Circuit court, appeared sympathetic to industry concerns about EPA’s governance of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The judges peppered a Justice Department attorney arguing on behalf of the EPA with questions each more skeptical than the last.