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New $500,000 pollinator initiative pledges to plant forage in all 50 states

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Bayer launches new initiative to fund bee habitats in all 50 states by 2018.

The company’s “Feed a Bee” program will contribute half a million dollars to projects who create forage areas for pollinators.

Dr. Becky Langer is project manager for Bayer’s “Feed a Bee” program. She says program is in its third year.

“This was a way for us to extend across the nation. The goal is to fund $500,000 to plant in all 50 states by the end of 2018. We released a request for proposals asking organizations and individuals to apply. Then a steering committee will look at those applications and assess them on what type of forage project they are presenting.”

She says people often forget how big of a role pollinators play in Agriculture.

“You’ll hear roughly that one out of three bites of food or drink we consume are facilitated by pollinators. We say facilitated because it is not always a direct pollination effect. Sometimes they are pollinating for seed production like carrots. But most of your fruits, nuts, and vegetables are being facilitated by bee pollination, so they are huge in our diet and agriculture production.”

Langer adds Bayer will start funding these projects during Pollinator Week in June.