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Netherlands company touts worlds tallest sprayer

by Ben Nuelle

Standing tall with a 79″ ground clearance a Netherlands company says it’s built the tallest sprayer in the industry. The company is Agrifac.

They’re typical sprayers have a ground clearance of 51″ but Agrifac’s Rob Blijdorp says they built a Condor Clearance Plus model with 79″ ground clearance. He says no other company so far has built a sprayer quite this high.

“The machine is on a lift kit so we can lift the machine up an additional 28″ making 79″ of ground clearance. This is the highest in the industry right now,” Blijdorp says.

Blijdorp says Agrifac has sold three across North America with one in the U.S and two in Canada. He says they’ve already sold another seven sprayers bringing the total to ten.

“We are quite pleased with that growth rate,” Blijdorp says. “What [farmers] typically like about us is that we can offer way more technology than a typical North American manufacturer. They like all the new features. We run our engines at low RPMs so they save a lot of fuel. We have a full circulation on our booms so you do not have to prime your booms anymore so that will save time but also a lot of money.”

He says one cost around $300,000. Blijdorp feels Agrifac is five to ten years ahead compared to North American manufacturers but says it’s a tough market to break into with manufacturers like John Deere and Case IH.