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Negotiations continue for livestock use of ELDs

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Rempel, Favel Livestock Hauler (https://www.flickr.com/photos/jr-transport/5894901830)

The electronic logging device (ELD) issue may have gotten an extended waiver as part of recent legislation, but this issue is far from over.

The recently enacted Omnibus Spending bill gave a longer extension to the implementation of ELDs for livestock haulers. Prior to the bill, there had been a June 18th deadline. That deadline had just been the latest in a series of extensions and delays, while negotiations were going on with the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) and livestock groups.

Jara Settles, General Council at Livestock Marketing Association, says that even though there is an extension, we cannot breathe a sigh of relief. Negotiations are still going on.

Settles reminds us what the proposed rules changes would mean for livestock haulers and loads of animals coming from coastal regions to the inland would suffer the most.