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NCGA Chairman reflects on this year’s ethanol victories

Photo by NCGA

This year saw several victories for the ethanol industry- there was a summertime extension for E15, and the Next Generation Fuels Act was introduced in the Senate. National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Chairman Chris Edgington said a victory for the ethanol industry is a victory for the consumer as well.

It’s thanks in large part to the support from the USDA and the EPA that the summertime moratorium on E15 was lifted. Edgington said he looks forward to receiving their support in the future as well.

Rather than favoring one energy solution over the other, it’s important to take an “all of the above” energy strategy. Edgington said that this doesn’t just benefit the consumer- it also increases the entire country’s energy independence.

It’s time to stop thinking of ethanol as a new product. At this point, ethanol is a proven and effective fuel source that can be made available to people across the U.S. Edgington said that the advancements we’ve seen in corn production over the past decade have farmers ready to ramp up ethanol production.

Edgington added that they’re always looking for opportunities to educate both consumers and Congress on the benefits of ethanol in order to make it a more widely accepted fuel source.

Edgington said they’re also trying to increase usage of other corn byproducts, like dried distiller grains (DDGs).

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