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NCBA trying to reach Millennial generation

You have to get them on the phone. Not an antiquated phone call where you talk, but a text, a social media post or some other innovative way to influence these 75-million Americans.

Radio Oklahoma Network farm director Ron Hays recently spoke with Alisa Harrison, senior vice president for global marketing and research at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). Harrison explained which demographics the beef industry is currently targeting and the differences between them.

“Right now it’s the older Millennial parent, which is going to be from 25 to early 40s. What we’ve done is gone in and further segmented that audience because it’s a large part of our demographic,” Harrison said. “The next generation coming up is Gen-Z. We’re starting to learn a little bit more about them. These are people that are probably in high school today. They’re going to be the next consumers.”

While similar in some respects, according to Harrison, the differences between the various age groups are strong enough that the beef industry, and any industry hoping to market to them is going to have to proactively lay the foundation for this emerging consumer segment.

For example, as tech savvy as the Millennial generation is, Harrison says Gen-Z will be even more so and open to integrating their daily life with available technology Hence the development of programs like Chuck Knows Beef, the beef industry’s new digital spokesman powered by artificial intelligence technology. Chuck is part of a larger digital strategy the beef industry has shifted to in order to reach today’s modern consumer. The shift occurred a few years ago and Harrison says we are starting to see that investment mature.

“Going digital a couple years ago did a couple things for us. One, it was more affordable. Two, it allows us to get real time feedback and metrics – allowing us to be nimble and change quickly. It also allows us to take wonderful content and use it over and over again,” Harrison said. “We’re very proud the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. brand is on the cutting edge, using artificial intelligence and some social media techniques that are available today to reach consumers.”