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Navigating the carbon marketplace with Agoro Carbon Alliance

Photo by Agoro Carbon Alliance

FULL INTERVIEW: Keith Byerly, Agoro Carbon Alliance

As farmers continue to learn more information about the carbon marketplace, Agoro Carbon Alliance is taking action on a global scale to reverse the effects of climate change by decarbonizing farming and restoring carbon to the world’s soil.

Keith Byerly, regional sales manager for Agoro Carbon Alliance, says their company has the agronomic knowledge, global network and technical expertise to make carbon cropping practical and profitable for all of its partners.

“Our mission at Agoro Carbon is to connect growers with the carbon marketplace,” said Byerly. “We don’t do anything other than this environmental service marketplace. We don’t sell any other products or anything like that and we don’t have any product tie-in’s with what we do. We are focused on being partners with the growers.”

Byerly explains why carbon credits have been a hot topic over the last year and even now heading into the new year as well.

“We finally have this condition where demand has gotten so big,” said Byerly. “They talk about a gigaton per year is going to be our future demand in the near future from companies that voluntarily want to offset what they are doing. At the same time, we finally got clear, good rules that we can follow in agriculture that aren’t adopted from other things like agri-forestry.”

For more information, visit agorocarbonalliance.com. You can also learn more by listening to Byerly’s full interview at the top of this article.