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Naturally increasing sustainability

Photo Courtesy of Cytozyme

An agricultural company is empowering growers to achieve sustainable yield through naturally derived products.

Dr. Mike Canady serves as technical support director for Cytozyme. Dr. Canady states Cytozyme seeks to improve natural plant processes through nutritional support.

“The backbone of our technology is a proprietary process called MAC technology, metabolically active compounds,” Dr. Canady said. “It’s a fermentation metabolite we’re extracting during the fermentation process. We’re taking microbes, putting them through a series of rigorous stress, feeding them, extracting beneficial metabolites from them and then removing all bugs and microbes. We combine those fermentation metabolites with plant extracts, naturally chelated micronutrients, and that gets this nice synergistic effect and helps increase natural processes within the plant.”

Cytozyme products do not contain hormones, added, live microbes or bugs. All products provide stable nutritional support and retain a stable shelf life. Canady talks about a Cytozyme product supporting beneficial microbes within the soil.

“The first product were talking about is a soil product, called Soil Plus. We apply it in-furrow; we can broadcast it. We’ve done a lot of studies over the last 40 years. We’ve seen an increase in the population of these beneficial microbes. (If) you increase the population of these beneficial microbes, you’re going to get help with soil compaction in till environments, better nutrient utilization by roots, better aeration in the soil and an overall improved crop,” Canady said.

Cytozyme field trials have shown a 10% yield increase in fields where growers applied Soil Plus. Canady shares Cytozyme offers a seed treatment which provides similar, increased yield advantages.

“Same basic technology, but it’s a seed treatment,” Canady said. “A couple formulations: a dry formulation which is a powdery Talc you apply in the hopper and a liquid formulation which can be applied directly to the seed or be applied in-furrow. This product is increasing germination speeds. You’re going to get better root hair development and again, it’s helping the plant.”

To learn more about Cytozyme’s products and services, visit www.cytozymeag.com.