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National Pork Board working hard to dispel industry myths

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Misinformation is easy to find on the internet and across social media. This seems to be a battle that agriculture faces every day, even in the laws passed in certain western states. We won’t mention the name of said state but suffice it to say it rhymes with “alifornia.” The pork industry is one of those ag sectors that is working hard to dispel these rumors and show the public that they are a trustworthy and sustainable source of protein.

National Pork Board (NPB) CEO Bill Even talks about the mission of the NPB and the Pork Checkoff to educate people around the globe. A panel of farmers did this just last week at the Economist Magazine Sustainability Conference.

Even says that one of the ways they are reaching out to a customer base who is more interested in the sourcing of their food is to produce a series of short videos with actor Eric Stonestreet.

Even says that producers can help their cause by requesting a free On-Farm Sustainability report. These will help farms measure and track sustainability practices.

The NPB encourages farmers to search “Pork Checkoff Sustainability” in their favorite browser to learn more.