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National Pork Board talks about producers’ commitment to environment

While we have been talking about the state of the environment for several decades now, the discussion about the role agriculture plays in the environment has ramped up more in the past few years. We have had discussions on water quality, chemical safety, and livestock management just to name a few.

Livestock has been getting increased scrutinization as environmental groups claim that carbon emissions from livestock are damaging the air and environment, while others are arguing that livestock is carbon neutral. However, it is not just carbon emissions that are being talked about with livestock. The sustainability of the industry and its responsibility has been discussed at length. The National Pork Board is continuing that conversation.

Marguerite Tan is the Director of Environmental Programs for the National Pork Board. She says America’s pork producers are committed to responsible and ethical animal production. This includes environment and sustainability.

Tan highlighted the work being done by manure digesters, which turn methane gas into renewable fuel.

Tan says the swine industry is reducing its footprint. It is happening with a 76% reduction in land use over the past half-century, a 25% drop in water usage, and has reduced energy consumption by seven percent.

You can learn more about the sustainability efforts of hog producers on the National Pork Board’s website, pork.org.