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National Pork Board dietitian disputes WHO processed meat cancer claim

Photo by Ben Nuelle

A National Pork Board Dietitian is shocked with the World Health Organization’s finding that processed meat causes cancer.

Ceci Snyder is a registered dietitian with the National Pork Board. She said they have been looking at the science for a long time and to her this just doesn’t add up.

“We’ve followed the science and the science would not lead us to conclude as the World Health Organization did that there is any tie at all between meat and cancer. The type of cancer they are talking about develops over a lifetime and to be able to pinpoint any food with that disease is very questionable,” Snyder said.

Snyder said the best thing to do is to eat in moderation having a healthy number of different types of food.

“Right now we know meat is not over consumed. They say to eat an average about 5 ½ oz. of meat per day. People that are very active can eat more than that. You know men can eat in general more than women and that groups everyone over the age of 2 so that is a big average. We know on average people do not over eat meat. That is actually the only food group that is consumed appropriately. Where we know fruits and vegetables are not consumed enough and people eat too much sugar,” Snyder said.

Snyder said she doesn’t believe people are going to give up eating bacon and sausage just because of the World Health Organizations claim.