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National Farmers Union looking beyond E15

Photo courtesy of the National Farmers Union (NFU)

We are waiting with bated breath for an announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which would allow E15 to be sold all year round. The summer driving season starts this Saturday, and that is when the summer ban on E15 sales would go into effect. The National Farmers Union (NFU) is hopeful this rule will be finalized this week, but they are also looking at higher blends into the future.

Audio: Full Interview with Anne Steckel of the National Farmers Union 

I had the chance to speak with NFU’s Anne Steckel about what they are looking at for the future of ethanol in this country.

Steckel says where retailers are already selling mid-range blends, like E30, they are seeing great results in cars being able to use the blends. Some of Iowa’s neighbors are making the move to put E30 in their state vehicle fleets as well.

Steckel says the next step is to talk to the decision-makers in Washington.