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National Energy Conference takes place in Des Moines

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: Money Matters 9-21-16

The National Energy Conference takes place today and tomorrow at the Embassy Suites in Des Moines. Dawn Carlson is CEO of PMCI, an Iowa organization hosting the conference. She says wind and solar have been brought into the discussion this year.

“The whole purpose of the conference is to bring progressive fuel and energy leaders together to talk about new opportunities to make us energy independent. When we look at ethanol and biodiesel, certainly great home-grown biofuels are part of that equation but we also wanted to take a look at other sources of energy such as wind and solar because to be truly independent we need to look at all sources of energy.”

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds says energy independence is about economic growth in rural Iowa.

“I love the fact Iowa is a leader in ethanol, second in biodiesel, we’re leading in the wind industry and we’re continuing to look at innovative practices to add value to our natural resources and continue to build on our agricultural base.”

Reynolds adds some of those innovative practices include the biochemical tax credit passed last year and businesses investing in wind capacity in Iowa.