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National Biodiesel Board ready for the future of carbon reduction

National Biodiesel Board

Nowadays, there seems to be even more focus on the environment than there already was. Ideas and solutions are coming to a fever pitch and industry is working to make those ideas a reality. While there are some great ideas in the future of carbon reduction and environmental stewardship, there are also solutions here and now. One of those solutions is biodiesel, and it is already doing a lot to change the face of transportation and heating. The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is proud to be a part of the environmental solutions here and now.

Audio: Full interview with Greg Anderson of the National Biodiesel Board

Greg Anderson is on the National Biodiesel Board from Nebraska. He talks about the solutions that biodiesel is already providing when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. In 2020, biodiesel surpassed the production of three billion gallons. They are hoping to double that by 2030.

The Biden Administration has made the environment a top priority for them. There is much talk of what can be done to reduce carbon emissions in the future, but the NBB is concerned that the administration is ignoring the options that are already in front of them.

Anderson talks about the shipping industry which is making use of biodiesel, and the aviation fuel market is also looking at making use of our renewable products.

You can learn more about what the National Biodiesel Board is doing to increase the uses available for biodiesel on their website.