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MiField Program Encourages On-Farm Research

by Ken Root

Listen Here: Agribusiness Matters 1-19-17

Have you wanted to do research on your farm to prove what practices, hybrids, and chemistry works best on your soils, with your management practices? An agronomist has a program for you to consider.

MiField is the name of a two year old research program developed by GROWMARK and implemented by FS Agronomists.

It is is a trial system where they work with growers to evaluate different practices on their farms using their machines, and their technologies. They have a set of protocol’s that help follow the scientific method, where they use replication and try to do multiple locations if they can.

Tim Berkland is a regional sales agronomist with GROWMARK, with responsibility over a portion of Iowa. Berkland says, “We recognize with a lot of new products coming on board there is a lot of grower questions. Really, with the technology now in the growers cab, we are able to do a lot of it effectively and efficiently without slowing the grower down.”

Berkland says growers just need to notify their FS Agronomist to set things in motion for this year. “The neat thing about this it’s not tied to any one product or practice. We do a ton of nitrogen trials, new product trials, and biological trials. It can be anything of interest that you think you want to look into for your farming operation. We can basically help you set up a trial and get the products and practices implemented, and help you pull out and analyze the data.”