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Mother Nature is kicking U.S. farmers in the chops

Hurricane Michael. Source: NASA

Weather is the tool which farmers depend on most to grow a crop. It is also the force which can prevent us from bringing that crop home.

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Iowa has seen its share of weather this year. Heavy rains in the North, drought in the south, and then tornadoes on Tuesday. It has been aggravating, to say the least, but we aren’t alone. Harvest is all but ground to a halt across many farm states. Many North Dakota farmers haven’t even started harvesting, but they have a foot of snow on their crops. Justin Sherlock is a farmer near Dazey, North Dakota.

The Florida Panhandle and Georgia were square in Hurricane Michael’s sights. Georgia Farmer Brannon Deal tells us some farmers have lost everything, and now are faced with tough decisions.

Deal says while they had minimal damage to their cotton crop, the closer you got to the center of the hurricane…

We can only pray for farmers across the country.

Audio: North Dakota Farmer Justin Sherlock talks about harvest slowed by snow.

Audio: Georgia Farmer Brannon Deal talks about the destruction of Hurricane Michael.