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More salmonella cases linked to North Carolina egg facility

It has been a month since we heard about the first cases of salmonella poisoning linked to eggs, but more cases are still being found according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Twelve more cases have been added since word got out a month ago. This brings the total of those affected to 35 people across nine states.

The offending eggs were traced back to Rose Acre Farm’s North Carolina Facility. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found a significant number of rodents around the facility during a March inspection. It was also reported that employees were not following hygiene and food safety guidelines.

Rose acre farms already has recalled over 200 million eggs with production dates of January 11th through April 12th of 2018. The company has since released a statement saying they have not only “corrected deficiencies at the facility” but also “taken steps to ensure they meet or exceed FDA and USDA standards”.

If you are not sure about your eggs, you can check the official list on the FDA website. If you discover that you have some of the offending eggs, the CDC says to just throw them out or see if you can receive a refund.