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Monsanto rolls out herbicide products for 2017

Profit Matters 3-23-17

We have seen the golden era of Herbicides as a means to change farming practices from intensive tillage to literally no till agriculture.

However, mother nature moved faster than the EPA in bringing weed resistance to old products still on the markets several decades after they were released. You may remember Atrazine, Dicamba and Glyphosate as those active ingredients.

At Commodity Classic, Jessee Haminac from Monsanto talked about what they will bring out this year to address weed control in an era of super-weeds that are resistant to just about everything if they are allowed to get more than a foot tall.

“This year we got our label approval on XtendiMax™ with VaporGrip™ Technology. That’s the dicamba formulation with really low volatility. We believe it’s going to provide great potential for farmers this summer, Haminac said.”

“Last year we had a 3.9 bushel yield advantage against competitors and we think it is going to be a great tool for farmers to use this spring in this season.”

Round up herbicide was released in 1974 as a total vegetation killer. Nothing was resistant.

It worked very well through the 1980’s and was about to go off patent when Monsanto was able to breed soybeans to be resistant to roundup.

In 1996, they came to market with great acceptance by growers who could spray once after the crop was up and kill weeds for the season.

Weeds have since become resistant and new avenues, along with old products are being offered to combat the problem.