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Monsanto helps students wanting Ag careers

AUDIO: Brian Leake, America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Program

Advancements in science and technology are fueling the need for skilled graduates in the field of agriculture.

To help develop tomorrow’s leaders, the America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders program, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, is partnering with farmers to award more than $500,000 to deserving students pursuing ag-related degrees in 2018.

“The program began in 2014. Since then, we’ve given away more than $1.7 million in scholarships. That equates to more than 1,100 students receiving these scholarships across the country,” Monsanto Fund spokesperson Brian Leake said.

Administered by the National FFA Organization (FFA), these scholarships are awarded in $1,500 increments to students looking to pursue post-secondary education in an ag-related field of study.

“The goal is to develop talent and keep talent in the industry. One thing we are trying to do with this scholarship, is make sure students know they don’t have to go into plant, science, agronomy or farming to be eligible for this scholarship,” Leake said.

Other areas of study include education, engineering, mathematics, data science, and communications, among many others. Grow Ag Leaders scholarships are open to students 23 years of age. You must apply by February 1. Visit www.GrowAgLeaders.com to find out more.